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AMW105 - Simone vs. Alita II: The Rematch


Fan-favourite Simone (5'4 / 145 lbs.) crashes into upstart  Alita (5'5 / 130 lbs.) one more time in this 100% competitive submission wrestling match between two solid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters who go at each other non-stop from start to finish.

A double-digit submission total highlights this one with a variety of submissions attempted and secured by both women including triangle chokes, kimuras, rear-naked chokes, guillotines and a whole lot more!

By the end of this excellent battle, both fighters are soaked in sweat from the exertion and one fighter owns a sizeable lead, but not without having been forced to tap out a few times along the way.

Does Simone continue her rise toward underground wrestling superstardom with a win here? Or does Alita stun everyone with a victory?

Find out right now - buy the complete match!

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