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AMW111 - Psycho vs. Slim Cut


Pro MMA fighter Psycho (5'7 / 187 lbs.) steps on to the Absolute mats for her second match against BJJ brown belt Slim Cut (5'11 / 145 lbs.) in a fully competitive battle that features her size and strength against his skill!

These two fighters start of wary of each other but the number of submissions quickly escalates as they go back and forth all the way to the final buzzer - it's so close, in fact, that the score is mere seconds away from being tied up when the horn sounds.

Headscissors, triangle chokes, rear-naked chokes, head-and-arm chokes, kimuras and more are employed by these fighters as they push for the win. And it's an intriguing chess match played out for you here.

Who picks up the highly-sought-after win?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!

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