A message to our fans on the COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact. And a special week-long sale to help make staying home a little more enjoyable.

Before we get into this update, we'd like to wish everyone well.

And we mean everyone.

Our fans.

Our wrestlers.

Other producers.

And everyone else out there who might be feeling anxious or worried or afraid about how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact their lives.

For most of you it means staying home for weeks. Possibly even longer.

We'll be doing that, too. Of course.

But for us it also means that we're unable to film any new matches for the foreseeable future. We aren't even able to make plans to book future filming at this point, because we just don't know when this whole situation will be over.

That said, there is plenty of good to news to share!

And, we're sure we can all agree, good news is the best news.

So, first of all, we actually have a solid number of matches 'in the can' (as they say) that are waiting to be edited for release. Which means we'll be able to continue releasing new matches for you all at a reasonably regular rate. As many of you will have noticed, we had been gradually ramping up to one release per week (which was great) and we should be able to keep that up for a little bit. Of course, we may need to slow that down if this quarantine lasts longer than we all hope.

Secondly, and most importantly, we're going to do something for you because we appreciate how tough this situation can be. And we want to help make it a little more enjoyable.


We're going to make our next release (AMW089 - Danni vs. Simone) available for just $19.99.  It's an excellent complete Absolute match between two skilled, strong fighters, and we're going to knock 30% off the price for you all. It will only be available at that reduced price for 48 hrs. though...so add it to your collection quick once the match drops!

But wait, as they say in advertising, there's more!

We're also going to reduce the price on the first five Absolute releases to just $9.99 each! Yup. That's, like, 68.976% off or whatever. Shoot, math is hard. Basically, what we're trying to say is that it's a super duper wicked awesome deal and we want you guys to enjoy those matches because they're all absolutely incredible fights! And even more so at this price. This deal is active right now. And will run until Friday March 27.

CLICK HERE to go straight to the sale.

So...that's it. That's all. For now.

Stay safe out there. Or in there. Or both. And enjoy the matches.

We're gonna ride out this coronaviruspocalypsemageddon like champs.

All of us.


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