The Absolute Rewards Program

Absolute Rewards is our exclusive program to reward our fans and loyal customers.

To make it as clear and simple as possible, here's a bulleted list of the program benefits:

  • the Absolute Rewards program is absolutely FREE to join
  • you do not have to purchase anything at the time you create your Absolute Rewards account
  • you get 400 Absolute Points just for signing up
  • you can earn 25 points for liking us on Facebook
  • and earn another 25 points for following us on Instagram

Boom. Right there, you'd have almost enough points to receive $5 off a purchase!

Just make sure you sign up with a valid email address (of course).

But there's more:

  • you earn 1 Absolute Point for every dollar you spend on our site
  • we also give you 25 Absolute Points on your birthday

You can use your points the moment you hit the $5 off threshold, or you can save them until you reach $10 off and so on. It's completely up to you.

Finally, we offer free exclusives to Absolute Rewards members. For example, to celebrate the release of our 50th match, we filmed an exclusive 2 vs. 1 match that we gave away free to Absolute Rewards members who had purchased 3 or more matches from our site before our 50th match was released!

Were you one of them? No? You could have been.

What are you waiting for?

Create your free Absolute Rewards account right now!