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Pandemic Update

We wanted to take the time to update everyone on the status of Absolute Mixed Wrestling:  yes, we're still here and we plan to get back to filming as soon as our local government allows...

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If you've been a fan of Absolute Mixed Wrestling for a while, you're likely familiar with our Absolute Rewards program. Many of your have already joined the program by creating your free account. For those who haven't, click that link above to read all about how it works. And why you should sign up. No rush. We'll wait. Now, here's the great news: For the rest of the month, we're offering DOUBLE the Absolute Reward Points on every purchase. That means you'll earn 2 points for every $1 invested in the best 100% fully competitive submission wrestling on the web when...

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An Update On The Impact of the Pandemic Lockdown

The Covid 19 pandemic has hit everyone hard. And some of us harder than others. That goes without saying at this point, but it does bear repeating.

Here at Absolute Mixed Wrestling we were...

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Thanksgiving + Black Friday Event + more!

First off, we'd like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America. And a very happy we're-all-pretty-glad-this-year-is-almost-over to everyone else! This has certainly been a hell of a past...nine months? Ten? Feels like about a half decade already, if we're being honest. So, to our second point of order, all of us at Absolute would like to help celebrate by offering  20% off every match in our catalogue featuring pro MMA fighter and BJJ grappler The Black Widow! An incredible athlete and fierce combatant, she's one of our personal all-time Absolute favourites and, if you haven't watched her in action yet,...

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A note about the slight delay in our normal response time to email inquiries.

As our customers have come to know well over the years we've been in operation - we take great pride in responding extremely fast to email inquiries.Unfortunately, the current pandemic / quarantine situation has made other aspects of life take priority.And we apologize for that.If you email us with any issue related to a purchase you've recently made we will still be certain to respond the same day (and still often within an hour or so of receiving your email).For all other inquiries, our response time is going to be much slower. But, having said that, we will continue to do...

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