• How are all Absolute matches filmed?

We film everything in 1280 x 1080p HD @ 30 fps. We use multiple professional lighting rigs to ensure a crisp, true-to-colour picture. And we utilize a mobile camera-person (no fixed-position/ tripod camerawork, ever) to ensure that you see every moment of each match from the optimal angle.

  • What file format(s) are Absolute matches available in?

All video files are issued in the .mp4 format.

We currently edit with Final Cut Pro and publish using Apple software. And for optimal performance and colour we certainly recommend viewing our content using QuickTime or Apple TV. 

That said, .mp4 files will play using the media player of your choice on any desktop or mobile device.

  • Which web browser should I use to download my purchases from your store?

Anything but Internet Explorer. Seriously, though, do not use Internet Explorer. At all. For anything. Ever. Not even surfing the web. Go with Firefox or Chrome, and thank us later.

  • Do you film custom matches?

The short answer is 'no'. But we are looking for match sponsors. Please read our blog post about the possibility of sponsoring an Absolute match here. The rewards for sponsoring a match are probably better than the rewards of having a custom made, anyhow!

  • I'm a man - can I wrestle for Absolute?

At the moment we are not accepting unsolicited applications from males interested in wrestling for us.  But we certainly appreciate your interest.

  • I'm a woman - can I wrestle for Absolute?

Possibly. We are always looking for exceptional female athletes, though we have a reasonably strict set of requirements. Please contact us for more information.