A note about the slight delay in our normal response time to email inquiries.

As our customers have come to know well over the years we've been in operation - we take great pride in responding extremely fast to email inquiries.

Unfortunately, the current pandemic / quarantine situation has made other aspects of life take priority.

And we apologize for that.

If you email us with any issue related to a purchase you've recently made we will still be certain to respond the same day (and still often within an hour or so of receiving your email).

For all other inquiries, our response time is going to be much slower. But, having said that, we will continue to do our best to respond to every email inquiry from our customers regardless of topic / subject.

We appreciate your understanding during this unfortunate time.

If you don't hear from us straight away, do not worry. We're still here. And we will get back to you. We promise.

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