An Update On The Impact of the Pandemic Lockdown

The Covid 19 pandemic has hit everyone hard. And some of us harder than others. That goes without saying at this point, but it does bear repeating.

Here at Absolute Mixed Wrestling we were fortunate to have a sizeable stock of unreleased matches when the country / region where we're located went into total lockdown last spring - that allowed us to continue releasing new matches right up until Dec. 2020.

At that point things seemed to have taken a positive turn, and we had filming scheduled for early Jan. and early Feb. 2021. Unfortunately, we are back in a state of complete lockdown as mandated by our local government, which means we are unable to film new matches at present.

But do not despair!

We're not going anywhere. Absolute Mixed Wrestling is still active, and working away to recruit new wrestlers, and book new matches. We'll just have to wait a short while before we can produce and release any new matches for you.

In the meantime, our hope is that all of you are staying safe. And keeping well.

It's important you reward yourself during this strange period. You've made it this far and you deserve it. And if that happens to be through buying a match our two from our site, we greatly appreciate your support. If it's something as simple as taking the time to go for a long walk so you can enjoy the fresh air and organize your thoughts, then we encourage you to do that as well.

We want you to know our thoughts are with all of our fans, and the athletes who have competed for us.

You are all awesome. And we wish you all the best.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

We'll see you again very soon.

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