Introducing One Hold Challenge matches!

While classic Absolute Mixed Wrestling Matches (25 minutes of non-stop most-submissions-wins real competitive submission wrestling + 5 minutes where the winner gets to punish the loser) will continue to be made and released, we're excited to debut something completely new here on the site:

Competitive one hold challenges!

And, yes, they will feature a punishment round.

  • These will always be 10 full minutes of action including a one hold challenge specific to each particular release
  • the format will also vary (i.e. best of 3, or best of 5 or most submissions in 60 seconds. etc. etc.) but will be identified on the page for each challenge
  • The description on each challenge page will specify the winner
  • The outcome of these challenges will not impact the Absolute Mixed Wrestling won-loss record of our fighters

The site menu has been updated to include the One Hold Challenge Catalogue.

And the main page will now feature two separate banners; the top one for new Absolute match releases, and the lower one for new One Hold Challenge releases.

So, specific holds. Lots of punishement. And still, as always at Absolute Mixed Wrestling, real competitive action with both athletes trying their best to win.

We hope you dig it.

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