Just wrapped filming on four INCREDIBLE matches!!!

Wow. Where to begin?! So, this past Saturday (August. 6) we filmed a total of four matches over the course of the afternoon. And they were all ridiculously awesome. I know, sounds like we're patting ourselves on the back right? Well, we totally are because these fights were all phenomenal!
Check out this match line-up:

Tyler Dare vs. The Spoiler (available right now!)

The Black Widow vs. Tyson Smith (available soon)
The Black Widow (5'4 / 140 lbs.) and Tyson Smith (5'11 / 160 lbs.) are both pro MMA fighters, and they both make their Absolute debut in this fierce mixed match.

Tyler Dare vs. The Black Widow (available soon)
This is the first-ever Absolute female vs. female match, so that's awesome all on its own. And, like all Absolute matches, it's 100% competitive and features our unique time format (25 minutes of non-stop, most-submissions-wins action + 5 minutes where the winner gets to punish the loser) which means it blows most other female vs. female matches you've ever seen right out of the water!

Tyler Dare & The Black Widow vs. Tyson & The Spoiler (available soon)
Yup. We did it. It's our first-ever 2 vs. 2 match. It's guys vs. girls and, because there are four fighters, we added some extra time so this one is 30 minutes of non-stop most-submission wins action (20 minutes where the teams had to tag in and out + 10 minutes where all four fighters were going at it hard on the mat at the same time!!!) + 10 minutes where the winning team gets to punish the losers. It's 100% competitive and it's absolutely insane in the best way possible. No kidding around here, this match is HOT FIRE.

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