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If you've been a fan of Absolute Mixed Wrestling for a while, you're likely familiar with our Absolute Rewards program.

Many of your have already joined the program by creating your free account.

For those who haven't, click that link above to read all about how it works. And why you should sign up. No rush. We'll wait.

Now, here's the great news:

For the rest of the month, we're offering DOUBLE the Absolute Reward Points on every purchase.

That means you'll earn 2 points for every $1 invested in the best 100% fully competitive submission wrestling on the web when you buy a match. Or two. Or three. Well, you get the idea.

Had your eye on a match for a while? Now is a great time to make the purchase, add it to your collection AND reap extra rewards!

But you need an Absolute Rewards account to earn Absolute Points. So make sure you create your account today.

This offer ends on Jan. 31 2021.

All the best, everyone. Stay safe. And enjoy the matches!

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