New matches being filmed on Dec. 16! (updated Dec. 20)

We've got an awesome day of filming scheduled for Dec. 16 featuring matches including Tyler Dare (back by popular demand!), Raven Rose, The Black Widow, The Spoiler and the debut of our newest fighter Kaitlyn Fury (5'6, 156 lbs. of powerful muscle / BJJ blue belt, Karate black belt, Muay Thai competitor).
We expect a solid series of 1 v. 1 matches out of this full day of matches and, very likely, our second 2 v. 2 match as get ready, more awesome 100% competitive Absolute action is on the way!

UPDATE:  So...ugh...filming was cancelled because of a snow storm. Needless to say, the weather was a complete bummer. But never fear, we'll be back with a whole new slate of awesome matches early in 2017!
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