Pandemic Update

We wanted to take the time to update everyone on the status of Absolute Mixed Wrestling, and to say thank you to all of you who have taken to the time inquire about us over the course of the past months.
  • We are still here. And still active.

We've been unable to film new content for you. And that means we've been unable to release new matches. While we could have edited all of our current content to release 'Best of...' videos etc. we chose not to do that, and so our release schedule is presently paused.

  • We are located in a region that is still in a state of high restriction on what is permitted because of the pandemic.

Unfortunately for us, our local government has kept restrictions in place longer than in other parts of the world. But we value health and safety so that's no complaint from us.

  • We will be resuming production and releasing new matches ASAP.

Based on the current vaccination rate, it seems very likely we'll be able to resume filming new matches in the next 30 - 45 days (but hopefully sooner, of course!). We already have wrestlers - including new ones - excited to get on the mats and get down to work so please continue to be patient just a little bit longer. We're almost there!

That's it. That's all the news. 

We apologize for going a bit silent on here (and on our social media channels). But we are definitely, absolutely, 1000% still here and eager to get back to normal.

Thanks for sticking with us, everyone. 

Absolute Mixed Wrestling is only as amazing as our fans. And, thankfully, our fans are fucking awesome!

Stay safe. See you soon.

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