Sponsor an Absolute match!

There are top female fighters from around the world that you'd love to see, and we'd love to work with but, because many of them are located outside of North America, associated travel costs make it difficult (or impossible) for us to get these matches made.

That's where you come in.

Is there a particular fighter you'd like to see step onto the Absolute mats for a 100% competitive battle? If you'd like to help make that match happen by sponsoring the fighter's travel costs then contact us, and put 'MATCH SPONSORSHIP - (insert the fighter's name here)' in the subject line of your email.

If your sponsorship allows us to make the match happen you'll receive the following from us:

  • a digital copy of the complete match (or matches) we film with that fighter while they're here.
  • the photo set from that match (or matches)
  • a digital copy of five (5) other complete Absolute matches from our catalog (and you get to choose which five matches).
  • we'll also film some exclusive content with that fighter that only you, as the match sponsor, will receive - exclusive content will include the fighter speaking directly to you with a special 'thank you' message + additional wrestling action!

We will, in all cases, research the best possible price for the fighter's travel costs (hotel / airfare) and we will provide you clear proof that your sponsorship will cover that amount and not one dollar more.

If your mind isn't already running through possible wrestlers - and there a lot of really great female submission wrestlers out there - here's a shortlist of wrestlers based outside of North America that we'd love to work with (in no particular order):

Ina Black
Anna Konda
Kortney Olsen
Jessika Pitty

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