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AMW004 - Rapture vs. The Spoiler II: The Rematch


After the camera was turned off at the end of AMW 003, Rapture (5'10 / 165 lbs.) and The Spoiler (6'0 / 225 lbs.) exchanged some harsh words as the winner taunted the loser. So we turned the camera back on, reset the mats and let these two go at it one more time.

As with the first match, both fighters bring their A-game. And it's intense. You'll see plenty of technical submission attempts,  reversals, and punishing holds, plus a variety of dirty tactics including smothering, hand-on-throat choking, and even more body striking.

Does the winner of the first fight get 2 - 0 bragging rights at the end of this one? Or does the loser of the first round get revenge?

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