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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW006 - Chica Alpha vs. Clay

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Muay Thai champion and MMA fighter Chica Alpha (5'5 / 145 lbs.) goes head-to-head with submission wrestler Clay (5'9 / 142 lbs.) in this one.

In all his time wrestling in matches across the internet, Clay has rarely had the chance to go all-out, so he was excited at the prospect of being allowed to fight at 100% in this one. He's got a solid amount of underground grappling experience under his belt, but is it enough to pick up a win against his super tough opponent in this clash?

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NOTE: While the match itself is excellent, and Chica Alpha is awesome, we originally filmed this match under less-than-optimal lighting conditions and we've never been happy with our efforts to colour-correct the footage. As a result, we have decided to permanently reduce the price of the  match because the lighting / colour does not live up to our present, ever-improving standards.