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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW014 - Tyler Dare vs. The Black Widow

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Powerful submission wrestling veteran Tyler Dare (5'5 / 145 lbs.) takes on young MMA fighter The Black Widow (5'4 / 140 lbs.) in our first-ever all-female battle. And these two skilled fighters definitely do not disappoint.

As with all Absolute matches, this one is 100% competitive and features 25 minutes of non-stop, most-submissions-wins action + 5 minutes where the winner gets to to punish the loser. And it is a very busy 25 minutes, with both competitors going all-out for the win.

You'll see excellent technical grappling and, as tends to be the case when there's no referee, some most-definitely-non-technical wrestling in this exciting match as well - one of the submissions actually comes via hand-over-mouth smother!

A clear winner is determined by time the final buzzer sounds, but this hard-fought bout leaves both of these incredible fighters completely exhausted.

So, does the muscular red-head defeat the masked new-comer? Or is it the other way around?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!