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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW015 - Tyler Dare & The Black Widow vs. The Spoiler & Tyson Smith

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This epic match features submission wrestler Tyler Dare (5'5 / 145 lbs.) teaming up with pro MMA fighter The Black Widow (5'4 / 140 lbs.) to take on BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 215 lbs.) and pro MMA fighter Tyson Smith (5'11 / 160 lbs.).

Yes, you read that right: this is a 100% competitive tag-team battle!

Because this match features four fighters, and more action than even our regular action-packed matches could possibly contain, we've created a new 40-minute time format specifically for this (and all future tag-team matches):

  • 30 minutes of non-stop, most-submission wins action consisting of...
        - 20 min. where the teams have to tag in and out
        - 10 min. where all four fighters are on the mat at once
  • 10 minutes where the winning team gets to punish the losers

This one features plenty of submission attempts, reversals, near-submissions-that-are-saved-by-tags, and more. You'll see rear-naked chokes, d'arce chokes, ezekiel chokes, triangle chokes, headscissors, bodyscissors, double-teaming, a variety of smothers and holds we've never even seen before!

So which team manages to out-point the other and pick up the exhausting victory in this one?

Add this incredible match to your collection right now to find out!