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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW020 - The Black Widow vs. The Spoiler

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Wow. Where to begin with this incredible match?

Pro MMA fighter The Black Widow (5'4 / 140 lbs.) attacks BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 220 lbs.) in this 100% competitive match with a ferocity that will shock many viewers, but will make complete sense to everyone who purchased AMW 015 - Tyler Dare & The Black Widow vs. The Spoiler & Tyson Smith.

Not only does she unload a steady barrage of body punches throughout the match but she viciously grabs The Spoiler's mask and uses it to repeatedly crank his neck (and neck cranks are one of the few moves we actually do not allow!). It gets so bad, in fact, that we had to pause the match to allow The Spoiler to recover.

Do you think being warned about her tactics stopped The Black Widow, though?

Nope. It barely slowed her down.

She relents slightly in her use of The Spoiler's mask to control his movement for the rest of the match, instead targeting his strained neck with a series of cruel chokeholds that really highlight her legitimate mean streak. Oh, and the punches definitely do not stop, either.

This exhausting, sweat-soaked match features a variety of chokeholds, body-punching, smothering, vicious mask-pulling, head-scissors and much more. And it's so intense it completely blurs the line between submission wrestling match and all-out fight!

Can The Spoiler withstand the savage onslaught of The Black Widow to pick up the win here? Or does The Black Widow wear her bigger, stronger opponent out and walk away triumphant?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!