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AMW022 - Raven Rose vs. The Spoiler


Pro MMA fighter Raven Rose (5'4 / 146 lbs.) challenges much larger and more experienced BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 225 lbs.) in this exciting 100% competitive submission wrestling match. And, while it might appear to be be a mismatch due to the size difference, this turns out to be an incredibly close encounter.

From the opening bell, these two trade technical BJJ submissions (triangle chokes, arm-bars and more) and counters, employ dirty tactics (hand-over-mouth smothering etc.) and even land hard body punches on the other in a determined effort to pick up the victory.

Of course, only one of them can.

Does The Spoiler's size and strength advantage win out? Or does Raven's skill and youthful energy carry the day?

You'll definitely want to buy the complete match right now to find out!

One thing we know for absolutely certain, however, is that these two are going to fight again. And probably more than than just once!

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