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AMW 023 - Raven Rose vs. Tyson Smith


This 100% competitive mixed wrestling match is an epic back-and-forth contest between pro MMA fighters Raven Rose (5'4 / 146 lbs.) and Tyson Smith (5'11 / 160 lbs.). And it's a submission clinic!

The fight starts off with both fighters cautious but quickly turns into an intense battle that sees these two highly-skilled grapplers trading submissions right up until the very end of the match. You'll see rear naked chokes, triangle chokes and various other choke holds, arm bars, hand-over-mouth smothering and much more - including 9 total submissions - in this one!

Which of these young, talented fighters claims victory in this excellent match?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!

NOTE: The camera experienced an unfortunate battery-related issue at the very end of the 25 minutes of the match, and it shut down with about 10 seconds to go before the final bell. However, no submissions were scored during the final 10 seconds, so nothing was missed, and we've edited the match and the 5 minute 'punishment' round together with a quick message within the match video that identifies the issue.

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