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AMW025 - Trinity vs. Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx


Ultra-strong bodybuilder Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) makes her competitive wrestling debut as she steps on to the Absolute mats to face-off against Krav Maga fighter Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx (5'8 / 139 lbs.) in this 100% competitive submission wrestling match.

This match-up is a classic strength vs. skill battle as Trinity (who can leg press over 1000 lbs.!) does her best to simply over-power Jolene throughout. And Jolene, in return, displays intense determination and a surprising amount of her own leg strength as, at times, she struggles to deal with her opponents speed and power.

As with all of our 1 v. 1 matches, this one runs a full 25 minutes of glorious, most-submissions-wins action followed by 5 minutes where the winner gets to punish the loser.

There are plenty of chokes, hand-over-mouth smothering, a variety of scissors, headlocks and much more on display in this incredible clash. And, while this one starts off very close, it ends in a massacre as one fighter relentlessly and mercilessly takes her submission tally into the double-digits!

Does power win the day? Or does determination push one of these women over the top?

Find out which of these phenomenal female competitors claims victory - buy the complete match right now!

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