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AMW027 - Trinity vs. Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx II: The Rematch


Mighty bodybuilder and submission wrestler Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) and Krav Maga fighter Jolene Hexx (5'9 / 139 lbs.) face each other one more time in this very intense rematch.

After the crushing, one-sided defeat suffered by one of these ladies in their first encounter, we assumed the loser would want nothing to do with another shot at the winner. But we were happy to be wrong as these quickly got themselves ready to crash into each other one more time.

This 100% competitive match runs 25 minutes of most-submissions-wins action + 5 minutes where the winner gets to punish the loser and, just like the first bout, the total submission count is quite high. Unlike that match, however, this one turned out to be shockingly close, with the winner finally pulling ahead in the waning moments of the fight.

You'll see rear-naked chokes, head scissors, body scissors, head-locks, hand-over-mouth smothering and more as veteran and rookie do battle once again. And the final score may just surprise you.

So who wins?

Add the complete match to your cart, and your collection, right now to find out!

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