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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW031 - Maria Queen vs. The Spoiler

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At Absolute Mixed Wrestling we always look to bring in new, highly skilled fighters, and they don't come much more highly skilled than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt Maria Queen as she makes her Absolute debut in this one!

At just 5'3 and 123 lbs. she gives up a lot of size to The Spoiler (6'0 / 225 lbs.) but we firmly believe in our motto - No weight classes. No gender divisions. Just 100% competitive wrestling. - and this awesome battle truly exemplifies that.

You'll see plenty of submission attempts and reversals, technical holds, classic submission holds, smothering and more as these two fighters work up a real sweat going back-and-forth all the way to the final bell.

Does the smaller fighter out-skill her larger opponent? Or does the big guy knock off the higher-ranked fighter to claim victory?

Buy this match right now to find out!