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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW038 - Ariel X vs. The Spoiler II: The Rematch

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The phenomenal Ariel X (5'4 / 135 lbs.) returns to the Absolute mats to clash with The Spoiler (6'0 / 228 lbs.) one more time in this 100% competitive submission wrestling match between two skilled fighters who definitely do not want to wind up on the losing end.

These BJJ purple belts spend surprising lengths of time in this match battling for survival while trapped in the gruelling submission attempts of their opponent. And the result is a fierce, closely fought battle that sees Ariel and The Spoiler both employ hard body punches, face slaps, merciless hand-over-mouth smothering and, at different points, The Spoiler even goes so far as to grab Ariel by the hair, and grab and pull her shorts for leverage.

The margin of victory in this sweaty, exhausting 100% competitive match is so narrow there was actual confusion about the final score when the buzzer sounded. That said, one wrestler did claim an impressive victory. And you'll definitely enjoy finding out who it was.

Honestly, real underground competitive mixed wrestling does not get any better than what you'll see in this fight.

So don't wait another moment, buy the match right now to experience this instant classic for yourself!