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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW040 - Mia Annabella vs. Megan Jones

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Mia Annabella (5'3 / 130 lbs.) and Megan Jones (5'9 / 170 lbs.) might be friends away from the mats but these two tear into each other like bitter rivals in this 100% competitive battle. And they rack up an impressive number of submissions along the way!

This match features a variety of different submission holds, and both fighters take full advantage of the Absolute rules (or general lack-there-of) as they grind holds after they've secured the submission and attack without giving their opponent a any time to recover.

It's an interesting battle between Megan's size and strength and Mia's speed and tenacity that you'll definitely enjoy even as one fighter begins to run away with this one.

So, who wins? Buy the complete match right now to find out.