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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW041 - Trinity vs. Ariel X II: The Rematch

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The one and only Ariel X (5'4 / 135 lbs.) locks up with powerhouse Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) one more time in this 100% competitive submission wrestling match.

This rematch is much closer than it probably should be considering Ariel is a substantially more skilled fighter than Trinity, but Ariel explained afterward that she was more cautious in this one than normal simply because Trinity is so ridiculously strong!

There are some impressive, painful submissions scored in this one, and both fighters repeatedly work hand-over-mouth smother attempts throughout the match in an effort to exhaust their opponent. And that really comes into play toward the end as this one goes into sudden-death overtime (the first match we've ever filmed to do so!) with no chance for either woman to catch their breath!

Does the legend pick up the win? Or does the novice use her strength to score a shocking upset?

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