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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW042 - Nikita vs. Shawn Fox

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Pro bodybuilder Nikita (5'7 / 175 lbs.) steps onto the Absolute mats to face off against BJJ grappler Shawn Fox (5'5 / 164 lbs.) in this 100% competitive submission wrestling match where both wrestlers are making their Absolute Mixed Wrestler debuts!

Shawn Fox gives up a lot of size and strength to the larger bodybuilder in this one, but he does have a BJJ background that allows him to take the fight to his opponent. And he knows he can't let up, because Nikita is incredibly strong!

These two end up slick with sweat at the end of this one, with one wrestler fairly gassed out. And, while it's not exactly a close match by the time the final buzzer sounds, one wrestler does get to celebrate their well-earned first victory in their first-ever Absolute match!

Who comes out with a fresh addition to their win column? Buy the complete match right now to find out!