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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW046 - Trinity vs. Nikita

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This intense 100% competitive submission wrestling battle of the bodybuilders features IFBB pro Nikita (5'7 / 175 lbs.) clashing with the rapidly improving Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) on the Absolute mats. And it's an old-school duel that pits power vs. power!

These two incredibly strong wrestlers push hard for every position and every submission attempt in a match that features head and body scissors, a variety of chokes and more. 

This fierce contest begins relatively even but ends with one fighter running away with the win. And she doesn't show her opponent any mercy as she cranks out extra tapouts after the initial submission on more than one occasion!

Does newcomer Nikita overwhelm her smaller opponent, or does Trinity put everything she's learned on the Absolute mats to good use in order to emerge triumphant?

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