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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW047 - Savannah Fox vs. Shawn Fox

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Real-life couple Savannah Fox (5'5 / 150 lbs.) and Shawn Fox (5'5 / 164 lbs.) collide in this excellent 100% competitive mixed wrestling battle that puts Savannah's submission wrestling experience to the test against the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background of her husband!

This one goes back and forth with neither Shawn or Savannah willing to show the other any mercy. And while there are a couple of brief moments that make it clear these two are family, the vast majority of the match is fought as though they're anything but! The chokes are tight and cranked hard, the bodyscissors are crushing and draw cries of pain, and both fighters take advantage of the Absolute rules to use hand-smothers and to attack immediately after a submission is scored.

Does Savannah walk away with the victory in this one? Or is it Shawn who leaves with his hand raised?

Find out right now - buy the complete match today!