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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW050 - Ava Simone vs. The Spoiler

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Incredible newcomer Ava Simone (5'8 / 155 lbs.) matches her submission wrestling background against the BJJ experience of The Spoiler (6'0 / 225 lbs.) in this intense 100% competitive submission wrestling battle.

These fighters crash into one another from the very start, and both employ a variety of traditional submission wrestling holds, BJJ techniques and the sort of dirty fighting that often appears in the absence of a referee (i.e. Ava is fairly relentless in grabbing and pulling The Spoiler's mask, and both employ hand-over-mouth smothers and hand-on-throat chokes).

This one is close for most of the most of the match but one wrestler pulls ahead in the final few moments to claim a very well-earned victory.

Which of these impressive fighters gets to celebrate their win?

Find out right now - buy the complete match!