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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW051 - VeVe Lane vs. Razor

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It's probably not at all fair to put Razor (5'7 / 210 lbs.) into his first-ever Absolute match against underground wrestling legend VeVe Lane (5'4 / 125 lbs.) even though he has a massive size and strength advantage. But we do not book easy fights for anyone. Ever. Though, sometimes, they might turn out a little one-sided.

While Razor does have a freestyle wrestling and powerlifting background, he's up against the incredible speed, phenomenal conditioning and world-class Gracie BJJ brown belt technique of VeVe. And the result is something to see!

This match starts very even, as VeVe contends with her opponent's size and strength, and Razor attempts to overwhelm and over-power her. But you can hear how hard Razor's breathing is throughout and, as the match progresses, VeVe gradually begins to take advantage.

And, wow, does she ever take advantage; not just of her opponent's cardio, but of the Absolute match rules and absence of a referee - VeVe is relentless!

You will be amazed at how this one turns out, and you might even feel a little sorry for Razor by the final buzzer. Or not.

Either way, you need to add this incredible match to your collection right now!