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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW054 - VeVe Lane vs. The Spoiler II: The Rematch

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The very first Absolute Mixed Wrestling match ever featured VeVe Lane vs. The Spoiler in an incredible, and incredibly close, battle that set the standard for what 100% competitive submission wrestling should be. And, now, finally, we've been able to get these two fighters back on the mats for their highly anticipated rematch...

NYC's underground fighting legend VeVe Lane (5'4 / 125 lbs.) brings her BJJ brown belt skill to the fight as she squares off one more time with BJJ purple belt The Spoiler (6'0 / 225 lbs.). And this match does not disappoint!

These two lock up at the opening bell and neither lets up until time runs out, as this one goes back and forth with submission attempts, impressive escapes and numerous reversals throughout!

Any true fan of 100% real competitive wrestling absolutely must have this match in their collection; it's guy vs. girl, it's big vs. small, it's strength vs. speed and, most importantly, it's skill vs. skill!

Find out who emerges victorious at the end of this exhausting fight - buy the complete match right now!