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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW055 - Trinity vs. VeVe Lane

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Powerhouse submission wrestler Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) brings her never-say-die attitude to the mats for this one as she faces off with the brown-belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skill of the one and only VeVe Lane (5'4 / 125 lbs.).

One of these fighters is a legend, and the other is a relative newcomer, but they're both hugely popular fan favourites. And this fight was one we received numerous requests for. So we made it, because that's what we do!

It's 100% competitive, like all Absolute Mixed Wrestling matches, but the straight truth is that VeVe Lane is simply too good for most opponents, And this encounter proves no different as Trinity is quickly and definitely overwhelmed.

VeVe puts on a submission hold clinic that is absolutely relentless, particularly merciless, and runs the gamut from 'incredibly technical and highly skilled' to 'dirty and mean'. Trinity, on the other hand, keeps getting back up and launching herself at VeVe when, honestly, most people would simply throw in the towel and storm off the mats in frustrations. But that tenacity is huge part of why her fanbase continues to grow!

If you want to see a powerful competitor get thoroughly and systematically demolished than you need to have this match in your collection so buy it right now!