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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW057 - Trinity vs. Megan Jones II: The Rematch

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This excellent 100% competitive submission wrestling rematch features Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) and Megan Jones (5'9 / 170 lbs.) as they crash into each other one more time.

Just like their first incredible battle, this return bout sees the submissions pile up as the score swings back and forth between these two big, strong and determined fighters.

Chokes, smothers, full nelsons, head and body scissors and more are employed by these powerful wrestlers as they go all out for the win.

Buy the complete match right now to find out who comes out on top!

NOTE: An unfortunate technical error caused our camera to shut down with 30 seconds left in this match. As a result, even though no submissions were scored during the final 30 seconds, we've decided to offer this otherwise-awesome match at a slightly reduced price. Enjoy!