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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW065 - Tyler Dare vs. She

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Submission wrestling veteran Tyler Dare (5'5 / 145 lbs.) has a size, strength and experience advantage over newcomer She (5'1 / 110 lbs.) as these two collide in a 100% competitive submission wrestling match that quickly veers in to a completely one-sided defeat.

She is a game competitor but Tyler simply overpowers her from the outset and never really takes her foot of the gas, racking up submission after submission to the point where it's clear from the look on She's face that she just wants to survive until the final buzzer

A variety of chokes, head-scissors, body-scissors and more are employed throughout, and while the outcome is never truly in doubt, there's definitely something interesting about watching what effectively amounts to complete destruction of a fighter who's simply in over her head.

Add the complete match to your personal collection today, and revel in the glory of Tyler Dare at the peak of her considerable power!