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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW066 - Lana Luxor vs. Maxine Machine

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Lana Luxor (5'7 / 150 lbs.) makes her Absolute Mixed Wrestling debut against another newcomer to the Absolute mats in MMA fighter Maxine Machine (5'3 / 120 lbs.) in this exciting 100% competitive submission wrestling match.

It's Lana's blue belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skill and size vs. the cardio and toughness of Maxine in this one, and it doesn't take long for these two to get into it!

There are plenty of submission attempts, counters and, yes, tap-outs in this one as one wrestler asserts her control of the mat, and the other is left frustrated but unbowed at the final buzzer.

Does Lana claim victory in this debut match for both fighters? Or does Maxine prove that she doesn't need to use punches, kicks, knees and elbows to win this match?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!