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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW067 - Red Diamond vs. The Spoiler

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Incredibly powerful bodybuilder and submission wrestler Red Diamond (5'6 / 180 lbs.) puts her strength on full display as she clashes with BJJ purple belt The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.) in this gruelling 100% competitive submission wrestling battle!

Even though The Spoiler has the grappling skill advantage, at many points throughout this match, these two heavyweight fighters simply do everything they can to over-power and out-muscle each other.

Sure, there are some excellent technical submissions utilized in this one, but it's equally impressive to see classic submission wrestling tactics employed, too, like Red Diamond strategically using a hand-over-mouth smother to set her opponent up for a crushing headscissors!

This is Red Diamond's competitive submission wrestling on-camera debut, and she really takes the fight to The Spoiler but does she have enough to score the upset victory and walk away with her hand raised?

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