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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW068 - Lana Luxor vs. The Spoiler

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This excellent 100% competitive submission wrestling battle features two BJJ-trained fighters going at it hard as Lana Luxor (5'7 / 150 lbs.) clashes with The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.).

Lana gives up a lot of size in this one but she has outstanding skill, and substantially better cardio than The Spoiler. And the result is a fight that's extremely close, with dramatic back-and-forth swings where each fighter controls the action for solid stretches.

Headscissors, triangle chokes, arm-bars, hand-over-mouth smother, hand-on-throat chokes, rear-naked chokes and much more are employed by these two competitors as they push one another to the limit, quite literally, right up until the final buzzer!

You will definitely enjoy this one, so buy the complete match right now to discover who emerges victorious at the end of full time!