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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW069 - Veve Lane vs. Trinity II: The Rematch

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The absolutely incredible Veve Lane (5'4 / 125 lbs.) clashes with powerhouse Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) one more time in this gruelling 100% competitive submission wrestling rematch between BJJ grappler and bodybuilder / submission wrestler!

The fact of the matter is that there are very few fighters out there that can really push Veve to her limits, but Trinity does not back down in the least. She just keeps coming back for more and, at a couple of points in this one, she even manages to surprise Veve, trapping her with crushing headscissors that actually have the NYC legend in trouble.

It's an exciting battle between two popular fighters who work hard from start to finish, and are sweat-soaked and breathing heavy by the end. And it's one you'll definitely want to see for yourself, even if the final outcome is never truly in doubt. 

So be sure to add the complete match to your collection today!