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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW071 - A-Low Cat vs. Trinity

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Fan-favourite Trinity (5'2 / 147 lbs.) takes on A-Low Cat (5'2 / 116 lbs.) in this 100% competitive submission wrestling battle between bodybuilder and pro-wrestler!

This one starts off very fast and features some impressive submissions but, perhaps most impressive of all, are the technical submission holds that Trinity goes for throughout.

Now, her game is still pure power, and old-school submission wrestling holds like head and bodyscissors are entirely devastating when she's able to apply her full strength but A-Low Cat is tough, and comes back at her larger opponent time and again. And you can see (and hear) Trinity express her frustration at various points of the match.

Does Trinity introduce A-Low Cat to the Absolute mats the hard way? Or does the newcomer make a statement in her Absolute debut?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!