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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW072 - Ava Simone vs. Trinity II: The Rematch

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This intense rematch between powerhouse submission wrestlers Ava Simone (5'8 / 155 lbs.) and Trinity (5'2 / 147 lbs.) is a full-on old-school battle between fighters going all-out to over-power their opponent.

There aren't many highly technical BJJ employed in this one (though there are a couple of very exciting chokes). Instead, both fighters repeatedly go for crushing scissor holds, headlocks, hand-smothers and grueling grapevines. And the result is a battle that leaves both fighters exhausted and sweaty.

Still, one fighter comes out on top and takes real pleasure in working the loser over at the end of full time.

Does Trinity pull out the victory? Or does Ava earn the opportunity to celebrate?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!