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AMW073 - Chloe Cummings vs. The Spoiler


Amazon submission wrestler Chloe Cummings (5'10 / 190 lbs.) makes her Absolute debut as she crashes in to BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 225 lbs.) in this excellent 100% competitive heavyweight battle.

Both fighters come out of the gate hard, neither give their opponent a chance to recover after submissions are scored, and one fighter eventually builds a sizable lead only to see the advantage disappear as the other competitor battles back to even things up before the match heads into the home stretch.

This one features plenty of crushing, old-school-style submission wrestling including punishing headscissors, crushing headlocks, a variety of chokes and even a surprising (and impossibly rare) mounted gogoplata + hand-over-mouth smother combination among other holds!

Does Chloe stun The Spoiler with her deceptive power, or does the masked fighter use his technical grappling advantage to carry the day and claim victory?

Buy the complete match right to find out!

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