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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW075 - Fitbeast vs. Trinity

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This ultra-close 100% competitive submission wrestling battle features two powerhouse female grapplers colliding head-on:  IFBB pro and fan-favourite Trinity (5'2 / 145 lbs.) and relative new-comer FitBeast (5'4 / 162 lbs.).

These two are old-school fighters who simply try to over-power one another without any of the highly technical BJJ many of the top fighters incorporate into their ground game. And you can see how quickly they tire each other out!

Still, both recover and enthusiastically crash into their opponent repeatedly - right up until the very final bell. 

Bodyscissors, smothering, a variety of chokes and more get employed over the full duration and, as mentioned at the top, this one is so close the winner has her hand raised by the most narrow of margins.

Find out which of these impressive women claim victory - buy the complete match right now!