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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW076 - A-Low Cat vs. The Spoiler

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Here at Absolute Mixed Wrestling we adhere to our belief that 100% real competitive wrestling should mean no weight classes and no gender divisions, even if that occasionally leads to a match-up featuring the extreme opposite ends of our roster's size spectrum.

And that's the case in this battle as A-Low Cat (5'2 / 116 lbs.) shows absolutely no fear taking on The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.).

Some excellent chokes, punishing bodyscissors and excruciating headscissors feature in this battle that, though it ends up as you likely suspect, still manages to contain a surprise or two because that's just how real combat tends to work.

If you like to watch contrasting size and skill match-ups then you'll enjoy watching the pro and submission wrestling experience of A-Low Cat contend with the size and strength of The Spoiler.

So add this match to your collection right now!