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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW081 - A-Low Cat vs. FitBeast

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Powerhouse submission wrestler FitBeast (5'4 / 162 lbs.) takes on A-Low Cat (5'2 / 116 lbs.) in this intense 100% competitive submission wrestling battle that pits real-life friends against one another. And they end up tearing into one another with a ferocity that might lead you believe they're friendship could be on the rocks!

This very close battle features grapevines, chokes, smothers, head and body scissors and more employed by both fighters. And things got so heated at one point that an eye-gouge (which we're calling 'inadvertent', though whether it was or not is debatable) left one fighter in tears, and forced us to momentarily stop the clock!

So does the bigger bodybuilder defeat the smaller, more experienced veteran? Or is the more muscular fighter the one who winds up getting out-muscled?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!