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AMW083 - Simone vs. Alita


Absolute newcomer Alita (5'5 / 130 lbs.) is a BJJ blue belt which means she's no push-over on the mats. But she's up against powerhouse Simone (5'4 / 145 lbs.) in this one, and she's not only a BJJ purple belt, but also a Muay Thai champion and pro MMA fighter.

As you may have seen in Simone's previous matches, she is absolutely merciless when it comes to attacking virtually non-stop, and she doesn't give Alita more than a few seconds of rest over the course of this 100% competitive submission wrestling match.

This one features a stunning array of submissions including arm-bars, rear-naked chokes, d'arce chokes, triangle chokes and more!

One fighter pulls ahead and stays there, racking up insurmountable lead ahead of the final bell. But the pace is frenetic, and the action never stops (though we're sure the loser probably wishes it would have)!

Find out who gets their hand raised - buy the complete match right now!

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