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AMW088 - Nikita vs. Alita


Powerhouse pro bodybuilder Nikita (5'7 / 175 lbs.) takes on BJJ blue belt Alita (5'5 / 130 lbs.) in this 100% competitive submission wrestling match.

It's size and strength vs. skill in this gruelling battle and, when we say 'gruelling' we mean it. Imagine somone who's 45 lbs. of muscle heavier than you digging her knee into your neck...or her get the idea.

Alita has to use all her technical grappling skill to counter the punishing old-school power-based wrestling of her much larger and stronger opponent, and the effort leaves both sweat-soaked and breathing heavily by the time the final bell tolls.

Rear-naked chokes, knee-on-throat chokes, hand-smothering and more feature in this one, and it's a closely-contested fight you'll want to see for yourself.

Find out whether strength beats skill in this one. Or not.

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