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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW089 - Danni vs. Simone

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Fast-rising fan-favourite Simone (5'4 / 145 lbs.) brings her BJJ and MMA experience to this 100% competitive submission wrestling match as she faces off against another BJJ practitioner in newcomer Danni (5'6 / 148 lbs.).

And these two go at it hard!

The fight starts off with a friendly competitive vibe that sees both grapplers attacking and defending in a more technical fashion. But that gradually gives way to a fierce intensity that leaves both fighters soaked in sweat at the end.

This excellent match features all the high-skill moves true submission wrestling fans love, like rear-naked chokes, arm-bars, triangles and more. But it also features plenty of furious hand-over-mouth smothering and hand-on-throat choking.

Oh, and neither fighter is to fully break after submissions are scored thrown in. So there's that, too!

It's BJJ purple belt vs. BJJ blue belt in this one - who comes out on top?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!