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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW090 - Maxine vs. Lana Luxor II: The Rematch

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MMA fighter Maxine (5'3 / 120 lbs.) goes up against the much taller and heavier BJJ grappler Lana Luxor (5'7 / 150 lbs.) in this 100% competitive submission wrestling match. It's a rematch of their first encounter but it proves no less decisive!

Both fighters go at it hard in this one but it can be hard to tell at certain points with Lana because of how incredibly calm she stays while she fights - her nickname could legitimately be the 'Ice Queen'!

And Maxine is the opposite. She's fiery. And it shows. There are a couple of points in this one where you can clearly see she really, really wants to throw a punch or two and has to restrain herself. Still, she ends up connecting with some open-hand shots that Lana makes a point of referencing afterward.

Tensions run high as one fighter grows frustrated, and the other really relishes her dominance by repeatedly keeping submissions locked on well after her opponent has tapped. And that's in addition to hand-over-mouth smother, rear-naked chokes, triangle chokes, arm-bars and a collection of other holds that score submissions!

The outcome is never really in doubt as one fighter simply refuses to relent and tries to run the score up, so if you like competitive fights that turn into one-sided defeats then this one is for you.

Buy the complete match right now to find out which fighter has her hand raised, and which one leaves completely humiliated!